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Heritage Park On the Move

EmailPastor2[5][22]Heritage Baptist Church in Burlington, MA, under Pastor Curt Wiedenroth‘s leadership is focused on Fellowship, Unity, and Neighbors (F.U.N.!) this summer and continuing into the fall.

It’s always encouraging to see good things going on in our churches!

What’s Happening In Your Neck of the Woods?

Welcome to the place where we’ll share news about what’s happening in our churches. Doesn’t have to be mind-blowing or hugely fantastic, just what’s going on in your church. VBS? Special outreach? Big day? Musical? Fellowship night? Concert? …? Let me know and we’ll celebrate with you here on this page!Walt Grayum

Don’t worry about writing it perfectly. Just send me your info and I’ll write and edit as needed. If you happen to have some photos, send them along, too. Let’s encourage each other with news about what the Lord is doing in our churches.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Walt Grayum, BBFI Communications Director,

Cape Cod Church Excited About Hosting National Meeting


The Cape Cod Church family is very excited about hosting the National Meeting of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International September 19-21. It’s an honor to have it in New England. The meeting’s location on Cape Cod makes the national meeting accessible for pastors and churches all over New England.

Pastor Feldott invites everyone to join them for all or even just part of the meeting. All of the details are available at Cape Cod Church’s web site.

LifeSource Church Hosts Parenting Workshop

LifeSource Church LogoTwenty-four parents are gathering every Wednesday night in July and August at a local restaurant to work together on becoming more effective parents. The summer workshop, entitled “Arrow Making,” provides an interactive approach to the nitty-gritty issues of parenting. Many young people overcome really bad non-Christian home and parenting situations and still ended up serving Christ faithfully. Far fewer young people overcome Christian parents who are lukewarm or hypocritical.

Parents have the greatest influence on the upbringing of their children, a lot more influence than the youth group they attend a couple of hours a week. The pastors of LifeSource are convinced that the key to training up young people to be faithful disciples in the church is training their parents to be faithful at raising their children to be disciples. They are so convinced of this that, as Youth Pastor Matt Grayum puts it, “If I had to choose between having a youth group or a parents group, without question I’d choose the parents group.” LifeSource has both kinds of groups, and their prayer is that parents and youth group working together will produce many young people who love and follow Christ.

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Grace Church Reaches Out Through Movie Nights

Grace Church is reaching out to four communities this summer with outdoor movie nights. Pastor Sean12573207_10153203489062077_9145713053525859933_n Sears says that this has been a great way to help people make their first connection with Grace Church, and has often led to people making a visit on a Sunday morning. The four communities are Stoughton, Randolph, Canton, and Braintree.ThatsGrace