BBFI National Meeting

BBFI National Meeting

Welcome Pastors and Church Leaders to Cape Cod Church!

Cape Cod is known worldwide for sandy beaches and beautiful vistas. Thoreau famously said of Cape Cod, “A man may stand there and put all of America behind him.”  This is a place people come to reflect, refresh, and be inspired.  At Cape Cod Church we believe it is also a place to encounter God – with the world behind us, we discover the cross before us.

From the beginning, the Baptist Bible Fellowship has been a part of our story – partnering, mentoring, and celebrating with us since Tammy and I founded Cape Cod Church 24 years ago – so we are very excited to welcome the men and women of our Fellowship to Cape Cod, to serve the churches, pastors, staff, and leaders of the BBFI, and to inspire, encourage, equip, and challenge all who attend.

The BBFI has always been a fellowship of preachers – strong, clear, and convincing voices for the gospel calling people to Christ.  Following in that tradition, we have invited a diverse group of voices with a simple request to challenge, encourage, and inspire us for the work of the gospel.

We look forward to hosting you on Cape Cod.  Be sure to carve out some time to put the world behind you, to be refreshed, to take in the beauty of the region – and to listen, pray, and be inspired for the work God has put in your heart.

Live Fully!
Ben & Tammy Feldott

For more information and details, please visit our website.

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