Letter From Our Chairman – John Kerns

Letter From Our Chairman – John Kerns

Dear Pastors, Missionaries, and Church Planters,

I have been a part of the Massachusetts Fellowship for over 20 years. Over these years I have discovered some core values that we share that are very important to our fellowship.

·      A love for the Word of God.

·      Great visionary leadership.

·      Worldwide evangelism and discipleship.

·      A healthy environment for thriving pastors.

·      A commitment to the 20 Articles of Faith.

·      Sense of community without big shots or big egos.

We have three ongoing goals for the MaBBF:

1 – Facilitate four regional meetings that are so compelling you would move heaven and earth to attend them; meetings that will tangibly add value to your ministry.  Click here for information on upcoming meetings.

2 – Work together in all 6 New England states for leadership development, personal growth and spiritual renewal. 

3 – Maintain a church planting fund to benefit every approved church planter in any participating state.

 Accomplishing these goals will help us plant more churches in New England. To that end, I am asking that every fellowship church in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, and Maine contribute to our Regional Church Planting fund.

 In order to be considered a recipient for this fund each church-planting candidate must….

1 – Have the recommendation of their sending pastor.

2 – Adhere to the 20 articles of Faith of the BBFI.

3 – Pass BBFI assessment process administered through “Multiply Assessment Group”.

4 – Attend two state meetings and one national meeting per year.

5 – Be approved by our church planting board. This board will be comprised of regional fellowship pastors. They will assess and make the final decision on where the funds will go.

 Please pray about getting your church involved in planting other churches in New England. If you have any questions about this, send me an email or call my cell phone (508-431-3139).

As the chairman, I promise to do my best to continue creating opportunities for us to work together in Massachusetts and in New England, in leading healthy, growing and reproducing churches. Thankful that you are part of the team.

John Kerns

MaBBF Chairman, Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Barnstable, MA