Promoting Missionaries and Church Planters

Promoting Missionaries and Church Planters

ResizeImageMissionaries and Church Planters have a new opportunity to introduce themselves to all of the churches of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International represented at the national meeting  September 19-21. Pastor Ben Feldott, Cape Cod Church, is inviting all missionaries and church planters to take advantage of this great opportunity. Here’s his letter:

“Hey everyone,
“I wanted to pass this along for all of our missionary and church planting friends planning to attend the September meeting on Cape Cod.

“Instead of the usual presentation by 1 or 2 missionaries we are trying to give every missionary and church planter present a bit of exposure from the stage. We know that one of the benefits of these meetings is connecting church and missionaries together. To help that process we are creating Missionary / Church Planter Intro Videos.

“These will introduce yourself, your family, and your mission to the assembled pastors, leaders and church staff at the conference. We can’t have everyone on stage time. BUT… the Cape Cod Church team will give you the opportunity to shoot a 20-second video clip telling everyone who you are and what you’re doing (or planning to do) for the Kingdom. “Twenty Seconds to Make Your Mark,” if you will. We’ll shoot the videos on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the church (in The Park nursery area), including contact information and then show during the evening general sessions Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Interested? You can sign-up ahead of time by clicking on the link below.

“We are looking forward to seeing each of you in September!

“Ben Feldott”

Click here to sign up.


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